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What does a virtual assistant do?

My answer: anything you need!

Every virtual assistant is different, but many of them (like me!) take care of the backstage admin work that always seems to get in the way.

You can hire a VA to do administration work and things that may be outside of your wheelhouse. Many of my clients don’t enjoy tech things. They absolutely dread it and will do anything to avoid it. And I totally understand.

virtual assistant supplies on a desk - a phone, a book, a laptop, books, and pencils

✦If design and technology leave you feeling queasy, VAs can take care of: website, logo, and graphic design.

✦If writing isn’t in your wheelhouse, VAs can take care of: copywriting, blog writing, and email newsletters.

✦If marketing makes should shudder, VAs can take care of: social media, ad campaigns, and content creation across multiple platforms.

✦If behind-the-stage admin duties put you to sleep, VAs can take care of: website updates, checking for dead links, formatting websites and emails, and updating products in your shop.

a woman writes and plans on a wooden desk with a cup of hot coffee

When you find the right VA for your project, they can do all of these things while incorporating your brand voice.

A VA will be there when you need them to take care of the projects and allow you to be a better business owner – and have more fun doing it. Cheers!

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