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Pinterest Guide for Small Businesses | With Photos!

Updated: May 4, 2021

Pinterest is headed for some big growth, and I want everyone to be a part of it. For years they’ve been a site where people can go and get inspiration for just about anything: weddings, parties, hair styles, home décor, crafts... and art! Pinterest is changing their layout to include more and more ways to shop their pins and our pins could be next!

So for the brand newbies:

What is Pinterest and how does it work?

Pinterest is a site that allows you to browse visuals instead of text. It can help you find inspiration or products for just about any idea. The idea is that it’s a virtual mood board.

Imagine that you’re standing in a room. Once you open an account, you can put a corkboard up on the wall (you can make as many boards as you want) and then, when you find something you like, you can pin it to the correct board.

If I have a board named “Travel Spots” and I come across a beautiful picture of Greece (you know, that one city where all the buildings are blue and white), I can pin it to my Travel Spots board. That way I’ll be able to find it later. When people come across things they like, they pin them to boards.

How can Pinterest help my business?

It’s an amazing place where people can find things visually. Instead of being buried in Google results where people have to click into your website to see anything, you can have your products and posts right out in the open where people can see them.

This gives a massive advantage to companies selling products that are either:

1. visually beautiful or interesting

2. paired with a beautiful or interesting graphic design.

It also gives an advantage to companies that are running a blog. One of the best ways to connect with your customers is through blog posts that answer their questions and concerns. Posting graphics that lead to your blog can set you up as an expert in the field AND guide their eyes to your website. One click can always lead to another!

How do I set up an account?

Easy! Go to, hit signup on the top right...

then set up a business account on the bottom. Follow the steps and boom! You have an account.

Fill in your email and info
Fill in your profile information
Describe your business so Pinterest can connect you with the right people

Help Pinterest understand your goals

How do I use it?

Now we get to the fun part! Search for anything you want. Anything in the world. Maybe you sell ocean-inspired jewelry and need some inspiration – try searching beach sunsets. See what comes up! If you like something, hit Pin and choose the board you want to pin it to!

If you want to pin something from your own website, head to this site to download the Pinterest extension so that you can pin images from any website!

Now that we have our account and we’re pros at pinning...

How do we use it as small business owners?

✦First, my advice is to make Story Pins when you can. It’s a new (as of now) feature that is slowly rolling out across the platform. Try it out and try to find ways to engage your audience quickly.

✦Second, get involved! Don’t treat it purely as your shop catalog, think of it as a way for people to connect with you – not just the things you sell. Don’t just pin your products, pin the things you love, the things that inspire you, and the things you wish for. Comment on other people’s work and join groups to connect to your community.

✦Third, maximize every pin’s potential. Always use strong keywords in your title, description, and tags. Never use random hashtags.

✦Fourth, make sure that everything you pin is a link to your webpage (this can be your website, your Instagram, Youtube... wherever you want people to go).

✦Fifth, always be sure to put a link in your description so when someone else repins it, everyone who sees it will have all the information they need to know where to go.

But most of all, don’t treat this as a place to advertise. Think of this as a place of exploration and inspiration! You’re here to inspire, educate, and entertain – not to sell sell sell! Lift each other up, be kind, and do the best you can. You can’t ask for anything else. Cheers!

Happy designing, everybody!

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