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These are the things that don't fit into a certain category, but they're just as important. We all have those behind-the-scenes tasks that never seem to come off our to do list. Not everything about running a business can be peaches and roses, but that doesn't mean you can't delegate those things to someone who can do them for you.


Does your website, email list, product listing page, bio, etc need updating? I can take care of that for you.


Sometimes it feels like someone always needs something from you. I can help you clear out that email inbox and free up some energy for something else.


Sometimes things need to be researched and ordered so that your business can run smoothly, and it's very time consuming. I understand. I can take that over for you.


Setting up appointments and making phone calls can feel like a nightmare when you have so many other things to do. Let me take that off your plate.

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60 Minute Strategy Call

Let's come up with a plan that works for you and your business.

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Social Media Survey

Not sure how to improve your social media game?

Let me take a look for you!

Notebook and Pen
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